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School Furniture

The United Arab Emirates, the country of dreams for everyone, is a federation formed by seven individual emirates established on 2 December 1998. It’s a beautiful country with amazing landscapes and forms a visual treat for everyone. Since its inception, UAE has been foremost in every field and has worked hard to bring education to the top level. With 300 institutions all over the seven emirates, it has achieved a 90% literacy rate. The Market for Educational Furniture is vast with immense scope, which Sky Moon Furniture has tapped and has ranked as the top school furniture manufacturer in UAE. Sky Moon Offers a wide range of products in a spectrum of color schemes, which helps the school ambiance to come to life. Furniture forms the most important part of school accessories, without which the school cannot function, as Sky Moon provides the best there is to give.

School Furniture
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Sky Moon Furniture has some of UAE’s top school furniture stores and showrooms. You can also browse through our various catalogs online, and we will be happy to assist you via our social media platforms to provide you with whatever your requirements may be. You can choose from our many international standard designs, match all the furniture to be color-coded, and customize our designs to suit your needs better.

We offer you classroom furniture, preschool and kindergarten furniture, library furniture, hostel furniture, etc., crafted by our exceptionally talented designers and skilled technicians to stellar quality and precision. Each Sky Moon Staff works with immense dedication to refine each piece of furniture to suit the client’s taste and requirements. As traditional furniture shapes are outdated, we aim to make various shapes and sizes to stimulate students’ and teachers’ creativity and concentration. The materials used to create our masterpieces are sourced from the most reliable vendors in the world and are of the highest quality. We aim to assist the customers to choose what’s best suited for their setup and provide excellent customer service and after-sales service. Warranty is available on all our products, which makes us one of the top School Furniture manufacturers in UAE

Our Range of Top School Furnitures in the UAE

(1) Kindergarten & Preschool furniture (2)Classroom Furniture (3)Training Room Furniture (4)Computer Tables (5)Library Furniture (6)Canteen Furniture (7)Auditorium Furniture (8)Lobby seating (9)Laboratory Furniture: (10)File Cabinets and Student Lockers: (11)Executive Tables:(12) Chairs: 

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