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Wholesale Furniture Suppliers

Best Wholesale Furniture & Dealers in Dubai, UAE -Skymoon

Dubai has been witnessing a massive increase in demand for quality furniture across different areas where ample and excellent furnishing is required. In that case, skymoon – one of the alluring wholesale furniture suppliers in Dubai, has been honored by marking us as a personal preference of many reputed and dedicated customers due to their interest resting in us as a trusted supplier of quality furniture. skymoon supplies avid furniture collections with the highest durability, consistent performance, and assured quality. Delivering admirable varieties of furniture according to the size, shape, and nature of the area to be furnished. Skymoon is the best furniture wholesaler and dealer in Dubai. Uplifts the customers with the freedom to select their desired packages at affordable prices, supported by fascinating offers and festival discounts.

School, Hotel and Office Furniture Wholesale Suppliers in Dubai

Skymoon, one of the top schools, hotel, and office wholesale furniture suppliers in Dubai, has given birth to an extravagant furniture gallery that covers the furnishing demands of various spaces such as schools, colleges, laboratories, offices, commercial spaces, hotels, kindergarten, and lodges, etc. Taking into consideration even the smallest differences between each area. Skymoon has designed a balanced mixture of luxurious furniture available in various colors, sizes, designs, and patterns. We also offer customized furniture for your spaces as per your priorities and like to make your areas feel more.

 The following are the right packages available for the spaces we had explained before:

(A)For schools:- (1) Student desks. (2) Benches. (3) Teachers’ desks. (4) Staffroom furniture. (5) Storage cabinets. (6) Office tables. (7) Laboratory furniture. (8) Desktop tables. (9) Bookshelves. Etc.

(B) For kindergarten:- (1) Kids’ tables. (2) Kids chairs. (3) Playhouse toys. (4) Tunnel toys. (5) Plastic shelves. Etc.

(C) For library:- (1) Reception desks. (2) Desktop tables. (3) Reference tables. (4) Wooden chairs. (5) Bookshelves. (6) Storage cabinets. (7) Media display stands. Etc.

(D) For offices:- (1) Workstations. (2) Executive desks. (3) L-shaped office desks. (4) Office storage cabinets. (5) Ergonomic chairs. (6) Leisure chairs. (7) Barstools. (8) Coffee tables. (9) Modular sofas. (10) Media display stands. (11) Meeting Table. (12) Podium Stand. (13) Conference tables. (14) Height-adjustable desks. (15) Reception desks. (16) Computer desk. Etc.

(E) For hotels:- (1) Coffee tables & chairs. (2) Dining tables. (3) Dining chairs. (3) Reception desks. (4) Luxury sofas. (5) Advertise display stands. (6) TV stands. (7) Kitchen furniture. (8) Metal. (9) Outdoor furniture. (10) Computer Desk. (11) Storage cabinets. (12) Housekeeping room furniture. ( 13) Dressing Table. (14) Bedroom Furniture, dressing table, TV stand, reception desk, desktop tables, etc.

Best Furniture Manufacturers and Wholesale & Retail Suppliers

Skymoon always supplies that A-class collection of variant furniture you have always dreamt of installing in your spaces. Every piece of furniture we provide reflects the popular trends and designs about the tastes of recent times that no other existing brands have succeeded in coming up with. 

Our professional departments continue researching and pointing out the most flawless designs for your furniture to compete with other owners’ spaces. For over a decade, Skymoon has been manufacturing and supplying wholesale and retail furniture at affordable and competitive prices in the United Arab Emirates.

Visit Skymoon Furniture online. Refer to this page and get an additional 5% discount.

We are located in Dubai (UAE). Skymoon – the wholesale furniture dealer, supplies the best furniture across other major UAE cities, including (1) Abu Dhabi. (2) Sharjah. (3) Ras Al Khaimah. (4) Umm Al Quwain. (5) Fujairah. (6) Ajman. (7) Oman. (8) Qatar. (9) Saudi Arabia.

 If you have any inquiries about furniture, contact our customer service team. Call +971 50 5057 786 or send mail to skymoonfurniture@gmail.com

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